Strawberry Wine

Made on 25/10/2016 using recipe (with a twist) The recipe asks to use red grape concentrate but I used pineapple juice instead.

2kg strawberries, 1kg sugar, 250ml pineapple juice, 1 cup cold black tea, yeast nutrient, citric acid, pectolase, dried active yeast.

I use an old nappy bucket with a lid as my primary fermenter before transferring to the demijohn.

Pour 4 pints of boiling water over the fruit and then add the sugar. Leave overnight and then add the rest of the ingredients along with 2 pints of cold water. Wait 3 days (it should start bubbling after 24 hours) and strain it into a demijohn. Any bits going into the demijohn will fall to the bottom eventually. Top up to the shoulders with cold water and add an airlock (Wilkos £3 for 2 pack)

I strained mine into the demijohn on 29/10/2016 and put it under the stairs. As it was coming up to winter, the fermentation process slowed right down on all my wines and I eventually got round to moving upstairs into the airing cupboard where it was a bit warmer. I racked it for the first time on 17/3/2017. Racking wine is the process of siphoning the wine from one demijohn into a newly sterilised demijohn and this leaves most of the lees (dead yeast and any other bits) in the old container where it will not contaminate the wine.

 This photo was taken 6/5/2017 and shows the clarity of the wine. What you can’t see is the lees at the bottom of the demijohn.