Janet and Johns Apple Tree Cider

18/11/2016. CJJ Berry First steps in winemaking.

First, we stripped the apple tree bare, which yielded round about 15kg of apples and then I froze them. After a few days, they were defrosted and put through the food processor and then into the fermenting bucket. There were a few pears and plums too but they all went in together. I used 2 oranges by rinding and then squeezing the juice into the mixture and adding water up to 23 litres.

12/12/2016 siphoned into pint bottles with swing top lids with half a teaspoon of sugar for the fizz.

I don’t have any photos of these but i can tell you that they  were cloudy and even when all sediment was at the bottom of the bottle, the reaction of opening them is enough to mix it all up again. Care must be taken when opening these as they are more than sparkling and will explode out like a shook up can of pop or lager.